Skyrim and AMD problems


Aug 25, 2012
This might not be the best place to post this, but I'm wondering if any of you are having issues with AMD video cards or drivers. My game worked perfectly a few months ago but I'm suddenly having problems with flickering textures again. Every minute or so a color with flash across my screen. It immediately goes away, but it's incredibly annoying. Since I played Skyrim last, I've purchased a new video card and the drivers have been updated a couple times, so I'm not sure which one is causing the problem. Considering that faulty drivers have been the cause of two big Skyrim problems in the past for me (they were both later fixed by AMD) I'm thinking that this has something to do with the new 12.8 drivers.

The only problem is that I can't find anyone else who's having problems with both Skyrim and the 12.8 drivers. Just about every thread on the topic I've found is from almost a year ago and most of their problems were fixed with the release of the 12.6 drivers, but now everything is acting up again.

That makes me suspicious that it may in fact be my video card that's causing the problem.

I originally had a Radeon HD 5770 and Skyrim ran perfectly on it, but switched to a Radeon HD 7770 after the 5770 was damaged. My system is more than capable of running Skyrim. Is anyone else having problems?


Jun 1, 2012

Sounds like memory is damaged on the card (or at too high of a frequency causing artifacting). Or it could be damaged drivers (mix w/ nvidia, old drivers interfering..etc).

For me Skyrim had some weird flickering problems on 12.6 but not very often and i think it was cause of the crossfire not working properly. 12.8 seems to have fixed that completely though, i have no issues with 12.8 on skyrim.

EDIT: If you have any OC, remove it. If not, underclock the memory on card and see what happens.