Skyrim crashed PC, wont turn back on


Apr 29, 2011
Skyrim has crashed my PC I think twice before, but this time the system wont turn on at all.

Have you heard of this happening? If so, can you direct me to a forum where it was discussed or give me details on the situation?

I am really hoping it will eventually turn back on and nothing is fried.
MSI 890FXA-GD65w/ AMD Phenom II multi-core Black Edition
AMD Raedeon 1GB GDDR5 HD 6850
8GB Vengeance Corsair DDR3
500W PSU [I know.. that sucks, will be upping in very near future]
Window 7 32 bit
Game set to High

Thank You
Hi, the fact that your computer isn't turning back on indicates a hardware problem, which skyrim cannot cause.

One of the possible causes for this:
-PSU died
-something overheated
-some other hardware died (much lower chance of this happening than the first two)

what is the make and model of your PSU?
Can you give any more symptoms regarding how your PC "not turning on"? Do the fans spin? Does the motherboard beep? Do you see POST/Bios messages?


Jul 7, 2011
just a quick question for you is windows 7 32bit a type error as you also have 8GB ram its not causing your problem but with over 4gb ram you should be using 64bit to get use of your extra memory


Apr 29, 2011


Of course there is no way to convert without a new OS, correct? Or is it just a reformat/repartition?
pretty much... but get the system to start first...
as your not getting anything to turn on. no lights in the case no fans and so on. check the fuse in the plug if it has 1 (american plugs tend not to if there 2 pin) if theres no fuse. open the case and have a sniff at the psu... if you get a burnt rubber smell its likely it has overheated and blown... depending on the quality and the type it may just need replacing. if its a cheap unit then you may have to replace some other things 2...
but like i say have a sniff if you think its burnt out try another 1 if you can...
if you have a smaller unit then just remove the gfx and see if they system will boot.. if it does then you have your answer.


May 17, 2012

She probably meant resetting... Holding power button down for ten seconds... You would be surprised how many people think their computer crapped out when really just needed that or clear cmos.