Skyrim: dx 11


Feb 27, 2010
It was said that Skyrim won't take full advantage of dx 11. I run two 275"s in sli. Does anyone know if that would suffice to run this game on. Or is it necessary that I at least update my gpu's. If I don't need to spend the $ that would be optimal.
Thank you for humoring the noob. :D


That's what people have been saying, that it will run DX11 but not take full advantage of it. If you're running 275s in SLI, I'd hold on untill the next gen if you do plan on updating for the game, as about the only advantage you'd get right now is the DX11 support.

Chirag Borawake

Sep 23, 2011
I completely agree with Cuecuemore, wait until the Spring arrives, and ATI's would be launching their new 7000 series : the new XDR2 technology is said to be twice faster than GDDR5, besides the 28nm process which means less power consumption and less heat, 1 GHz GPU frequency

you should be able to run the game just fine. but you won't be able to max out the game even if your setup have the raw power to do so. and it is lucky if you can play this game in DX10 since most dev only code for dx9 and dx11 for their games leaving people with dx10 card unable to take advantage the hardware exist in their card