Skyrim in intel gma 2000

Bhaskar Mysterio

Nov 16, 2012
my copy of skyrim starts but shuts down in about 5seconds..I have set the detail level to low but still it's not working..can you help...My motherboard is asus has intel gma 2000 & I have the letest driver.......Can you help?
The Intel HD 2000 integrated graphics chip is not fast enough to run Skyrim. Bethesda games tend not to support integrated graphics at all, so that is probably why the game won't launch. Buy an actual video card if you want to play Skyrim.

If you want a recommendation on a video card, tell us your budget and details about your power supply, a brand name and model number at the very least. It would also help to know what kind of case you have, slimline, midtower, full tower?