Skyrim lagging after reformat


Mar 19, 2012
Hi Everybody :hello:

My Skyrim suddenly start Lagging after i reformat into a new OS.

My specs are:
Intel® Core™ i5-2500 Processor (6M Cache, 3.30 GHz)
2gb RAM
Motherboard: P8H61-M LE REV 3.0 - New H61 B3 Revision
Windows 7 Home premium 64bit

Before the Reformat of the pc, Skyrim doesn't have lagging issues. It auto detected in Low setting but it was running real smoothly

But after the Reformat, Skyrim started lagging like hell on Low. It auto detected into high setting which is quite weird.

My PC was pre-made so i dont really remember what kind of programs was installed by default and i just bought and installed the video card with a CD. After the reformat, i just use a driver to install the video card and a network adapter for the motherboard

Am I missing some drivers? and what kind?
skyrim is graphics intensive if you're trying to run it on an xbox...

OP, although I don't agree with spoony's sentiment he does have a point, the GPU you have isn't really a gaming GPU.

But, since you say game used to run for you without the card, make sure that the game is running using the new GPU and not the integrated graphics card on the i5. Check your Bios.

if PC was premade is was supposed to come with drivers CD if you don't have that head on over to manufacturer support websites and pick up drivers for all your components from there, especially for GPU, you want to go to AMD website and get the latest catalyst drivers

that should improve skyrim performance


Feb 5, 2010
open task manager and kill running proccess.

you dont have enough ram to keep programs open when gaming. close your internet browser down and other programs

firefox that is running now is using 500mb of ram. granted i have got about 20 tabs open.

but you get my point.

if that doesnt help. try restarting pc in safemode

some games will play in safemode and if it does only essential programs will run

what anti-virus are you running some scan files as they are being accessed and really slow the pc down. i know my pc slowed to a crawl because of a certain anti-virus started scanning when i was playing a game.