SKYRIM: Stuck inside Azura's Star

HolyDoom Witch

Nov 24, 2008

Can anyone tell how to teleport out of Azura's Star? After I kill all the 3 Dremora Lord's on Master difficulty (easily ;) ), and Malyn Varen, I get to like, own that place. But I want to get out.

Neither do I get to come out from Azura's side, nor Nelcar's side.

Yesternight, I installed the latest update from Bethesda. They call it 1.5. It is the 7th update. Meaning I tried the same with the 6th update. Did someone finish the quest on PC with a 5th one? Then I should go back.

Console command completes the quest, but I still get to stay in the star.

Or I just keep wandering and passing days... till Bethesda wakes and issues a fix.



Aug 7, 2007
Sounds like the quest glitched, you will probably need to load from a previous save, if you still have an autosave from entering the star that might work. It is supposed to automatically pull you out after killing Malyn.
yep its glitched. when you kill every 1 and collect there hearts!, you should get a message saying your mission is done and you will then be transported out of the star... if this doesnt happen then you need to restart the quest... if it happens again after the restart then you will need to use an earlier save...
tip dont rely on auto save as you can only have 3 backups... press F5 regularly to quick save...