Skyrim weapon importing help !!!


Mar 20, 2012
So i've been learning how to get custom weapons into skyrim but I've been having some problems like my weapon showing up invisible in game. I've tried asking my question on the nexuss but i only get so much feedback there i was wondering were else i could get help?


Aug 7, 2007
Asking on the Nexus is probably going to get you the best results. Many of the modders have contact information within the description of said mod and are usually willing to help, provided you can give them enough information about the issue for them to diagnose.

From what you have mentioned it sounds like the object or texture files are either not in place or are not compatible with the game version or other mods you have installed. I know there are several weapon packs out that require additional mods to work properly, some even need the script extender, they are not all drag and drop. I recommend using the mod manager, as it makes things a little easier to troubleshoot (disabling mods and seeing if there are newer versions out). It is also helpful to note how many times the mod has been endorsed and/or downloaded, there are some slapdash ones out there that look like they would be really sweet, but end up breaking the game.

Which mod exactly are you trying to use? I can try loading it and see if the issue occurs here too (provided it does not look like it will break my game).