Question Sleep just stopped working...

Nov 23, 2021
I've dug through other threads and tried tweaking some settings in both Windows power and sleep and the BIOS. Usually I'm able tough it out and read, test, repeat until I get the results I want. This is my first post because I'm stumped and would really like some other eyes on this.

Starting a week or maybe two weeks ago I started to notice my PC would just restart instead of going to sleep whenever I fell asleep with podcasts or YouTube running. Thought maybe my brother was hitting my power button to save me from I don't know. Thought maybe it was power flickers or just unlucky system instability. It has persisted now, sleep does not work even when I enter it manually from start menu. Here is my build...

ASRock Taichi
Ryzen 7 5800X
16GB Patriot Viper 4400 CL19 (the Buildzoid approved sticks)
1TB M.2 NVME Seagate Firecuda 520
Powercolor Red Devil 6700XT
750W Seasonic Focus

I'm running a custom deploy of Windows 10 with most telemetry and bloat stripped or disabled.

Built this AMDevil back at the end of April and have loved every minute of gaming, browsing and working on this system. Early on I had some system instabilities that I chalked up to the RAM OC. System stable but crashes in games. Got that dialed in pretty quickly. I've updated the Taichi BIOS once or twice since the assembly but not within the last couple weeks. I've had no unwanted crashes or reboots with RAM voltage, timings, infinity fabric since those were set to reasonable parameters. I rarely update Windows and only occasionally update the graphics drivers through the Radeon software. I have zero apps enabled on startup other than the Radeon software and Riot Vanguard. As far as I can recall the broken sleep function just started happening out of nowhere and I took it as fluke the first time, a coincidence the next couple times, and now this a definite pattern.

Sleep does not work on my system anymore and the root cause of this, I can not identify.

If Windows 10 is not the best place for this topic, I apologize.
Any and all discussion, advice, troubleshooting or storytelling would be so, so greatly appreciated.