Sli 2 GTX 580 direct CuII on asus p8z68


Dec 9, 2011

I am on the verge of building my own system. I will probably go for an Asus p8z68 pro v gen 3 motherboard and an Asus GeForce GTX 580 (DirectCU II) GPU. I would probably want to SLI another one of those in teh future. will my notherboard have enough room to accommodate two such big cards?
if not can you propose better solution (either beter motherboard or better 580 GPU?
If I recall correctly there are two slots between the PCI-E slots on that board meaning that, with each video card taking up 3 slots, the two cards are right on top of one another.

On one hand, the double thick cooler eliminates the ventilation between the cards. On the other hand, the bigger , thicker cooler is able to exhaust more air outside the case.

The reviewer here didn't seem to have a problem and was qyuite satisfied with performance including cooling performance.