SLI 3 Monitor Setup

Ryan Hollingsworth

Mar 28, 2013
Hey all,

Forgive me if this is super nooby but i haven't built a PC in over ten years.. ya know bills :/

bought 2 of these

and I have 3 identical model/make 24" monitors I want to use.

My understanding is I simply plug all 3 monitors into one of the graphics cards. This would be 1 X HDMI, 2 X DVI ports - all the same graphics card.

My question is, is my understanding correct? I read somewhere a year or so ago with NVIDIA there's an adapter/ cable all three monitors daisy chain from in order to use 3 displays.. I can't seem to find an additional reference to that - or a concrete definitive answer to using more than 2 displays online.

Trying to order whatever nonsense cables I may need before the cards arrive :)

thanks for the help!


Apr 10, 2013
You are correct, just plug into DVI and HDMI.

You might be thinking of Display Port 1.2 cables/socket, which yes can allow you to daisy chain monitors together, however in your case it's not needed =)
Depends on what you want to do ..... 2D surround is a bit bless demanding

Monitor Prerequisites

In 2D Surround, any combination of monitors that share common timings will work but if the displays are not identical this may result in a lower than optimal resolution, and each must have, at minimum, one DVI, HDMI, or DisplayPort connector. Aesthetically, identical monitors are preferable, but not a requirement.
In 3D Vision Surround, each monitor must be an identical make and model, and you must use three matching digital connectors. We will go into detail below, but you may need additional adapters for this.
The Accessory Display, the forth monitor, does not have to be identical to the three Surround displays, but does require one of the three possible connectors.

use the tool here:

For 3D Surround for example ......
1st dropdown = GTX 780
2nd dropdown = 2-way SLI
3rd dropdown = 3D Surround
4th dropdown = Landscape

Special Instructions:
> 3D Vision Surround requires using three DVI or three DisplayPort connectors.
> All monitors must be the same make and model for 3D Vision Surround.
> Using DisplayPort connectors may require the use of DisplayPort to Dual-link DVI adapters. Please consult your monitor's manual for supported 3D connectors.
> Center Display of the Surround group should be connected to the card with most displays.
> Accessory Display must be connected to the card with most number of displays.
> You can use any connector to enable the Accessory Display.