SLi and EVGA motherboard question?


Aug 28, 2007
I was wondering if anyone in here uses 8800gtx SLI in an evga 680i board, with a sound card? I have a soundcard and a gtx in my system right now, and am thinking about getting another one, but i am not sure how well it will fit in there with a soundcard, if it does, would heat be a problem? anyone thoughts?
I am not running SLI, but I opened up my box and it looks like the sound card when plugged into the PCI slot beside the blue PCIe slot. What you can do is move the graphics card to the lower black PCIeX16 slot and see if the sound card clears it.

As for cooling, I don't know. I think that will depend on case cooling - how well you can move air through the case.