SLI Bridge Problem

Sep 22, 2018
Hello friends, my english is not very well so, i will try to tell my problems about SLI bridge,
Thanx for answers

Mainboard Asus Rampage V Extreme,

CPU Intel 5820K

Graphic Cards
MSI 250 GTS [link][/link]
Palit 250 GTS[link][/link]

If I came to my problem, passed the same model GPU with a graphics card I tried to set up SLI bridge, but whatever SLI option does not come out, I need to have the SLI option, I have deleted the drivers repeatedly, I have installed all the sockets tried different,

Supports motherboard, supports video cards, I wonder what is missing? Is there an incompatible situation?

My other question would be whether the SLI ports have two on some cards, one in some, the SLI cable in one of them, I wonder if they have to get them from the duo? or what is the difference?