SLI heating problem, card 1 is being blocked


Jan 28, 2013
hello guys, been long time lurker.

anyhoot, i got a problem i hope someone can help me with.
lets start with a pic of my recent build

currently i have two evga gtx 560 superclocks in an SLI setup. i got this biostar board because the first two PCI-express slots did a full 16x both.
the thing the graphic cards are now right next to each other causing the first card to be about 10c more than the other. kind of annoying. my first idea was to buy a riser card for the second pci-x slot

i came up on this one

so the card would end up laying flat leaving more room for card one to breath, BUT they dont make SLI bridges long enough, i calculated/estimated that i would need a bridge that was around 206mm the longest i could find was 120mm, then i looked for maybe something that can daisy chain 2 bridges together, but i couldnt find one.

the other idea was to get this flexible extender cable for card for either cards, but it's from china and i dont wana wait a whole month for it to be shipped over.

i dont want to water cool and i dont wana get aftermarket air cooler, i wana push the stock coolers to the limit but this blockage doesnt help.

someone have any better ideas?
I wouldn't invest in a riser card. You have the setup you need for SLi. Your Top card is naturally going to be hotter temperature wise. I had two 560Ti's and the cards naturally run hot. I wouldn't be terribly concerned what temps are your cards running at.
old setup with two 560Ti's

new with gtx670


Mar 23, 2012
I have the same cards and there really is no way around it. The top card will run a little hotter, you can use evga precision and set an aggressive fan profile. I have my fans set at 70% speed and seems to work well with keeping temps down.