SLI or not SLI?


Jan 26, 2007
I'm upgrading my ancient stuff and there are so many new things to consider since last I bought any hardware.
I have pre-ordered a 22" iz3d stereoscopic monitor and will be using that for most my gaming. As nVidia Stereoscopic isn't compatible with SLI I won't really have any use for it in my rig.
These are the parts I'm thinking of getting

Arctic Cooling Silentium T3 Pro
Core 2 Duo E6300 or E6400
Scythe Infinity CPU cooler
Corsair Twin2X 6400 DDR2 2048MB
Gainward 8800GTX
Samsung SpinPoint T166 500GB SATA2 16MB 7200RPM

What motherboard should I choose for this setup?
I will probably want to overclock the CPU and memory a bit.
I will not have any use for SLI but I haven't found much information on new high performing boards without it.
I also saw a lot of people have had very bad experiences with the new boards (with the 680i chipset especially) and that they're not compatible with this and that.

And should I go with the E6300 or E6400? I read a review here on tom's hardware that even though the E6400 only costs slightly more it's still better to go for the E6300. Could be that I just misunderstood it though, if they both had cost the exact same amount, which would you have gone for?

And also, I haven't read any reviews about the case I'm getting, but on paper it looks really nice, a bit too nice actually. It's cheap, offers good cooling, made for silence, and provides enough juice to run an intel core 2 extreme and two 7950GX2 in SLI.
Looks too good to be true but from what I've seen arctic cooling's products are generally top notch so I don't know what to think. Any of you guys have any experience with this case? Or maybe I should create a seperate thread for it in the appropriate section?


Dec 17, 2003
If you only want to overclock the CPU "a bit" then an E6300 or E4300 will be fine. The extra multis on the E4300 can come in useful.

There are plenty of high performance 965 & 975X mobos available that will run excellently with a single 8800.
If you are worried about the 680i mobos (they'll probably settle down with a bit more time & experience) 650i is maybe worth looking at - 90% as good for 1/2 the price. Currently only Asus have a board actually available but abit, MSI etc. should all have them in stores in a couple of weeks.