Sli power supply


Jan 2, 2012
Hello,i have a p5n32-sli delux i know a sli power supply has the 8 prong plug and regular power suply has 4-6. To only run 1 vidio card can i plug a 4 0r 6 in the 8 plug,or must i have the sli power supply. This is a board i just got with a few socket pins bent and if i dont need to buy the sli power supply just to see if it works or not i would rather not. i only want to see if it will work then i will buy the sli p supply. thank you
No, you cannot run the 8 Pin GPU with just a 4 Pin or 6 Pin PSU. You need to use an adapter or converter, not necessarily buy a SLI PSU atleast not until you finally SLI.

You can buy a cheap converter, that converts the supply from 2 Molex pins to an 8 Pin PCIe Power plug and test it out.

You do not need an SLI power suppply for an SLI motherboard.
Your MB has an 8 pin EPS connector for cpu power, half of it comes covered up from the factory, you can use a 4 pin ATX 12v connector to power your board

This will help you figure out the connectors
Maybe I misunderstood the question, or which power the OP was talking about , my bad.... :( the answer still stands though, he can use a adapter for both the cases. just that if it's the Mobo EPS then, he can try it out with the 4 Pin Connector not necessarily the 8 Pin....