[SOLVED] SLI Question.

Hello Everyone,

In my ongoing quest to find out more information where the PC hardware industry stands, I have a question about dual GPU setups.

So I was reading that nVidia has almost killed off SLI with its RTX 3 series. But couldn't find any information on CrossFire. Is AMD planning to do the same or is it not on the cards yet?

SLI being gone is a disappointment, coz I always wanted to make one, but never really had the budget to do so. or for some other reason.

Another thing is, if I look at the specs of GPUs these days, its more of everything, more cores, more clock speeds, more this and more that.

A decade ago, having a 2GB GPU, was like being the king of the neighbourhood. Now I see 16GB GPUs and I am like o_O

Do games these days really need two GPUs for better frame rates. Or they are good enough on their own?