SLI vs Single card



Hello guys I need advise
I just got 2X(XFX9800GTX 512MB) but in the meantime am still using single, under NFS undercover the more I increase the resolution the more the game becomes a little bit slow but doesen't freeze
I came to a point of thiking I should grab the 2nd GPU and install it (SLI) conf
Do any one out there think is it gonna give any better peformance than am getting now

Q9550 Core2quad
4gb Ram DDR3 @1333MHZ
DP45SG intel board
win vista Home Prem
What resolution do you play at and what power supply do you have?

The 9800GTX is rather power hungry, a second card will generally provide better performance however it seems that you have a P45 board, which i believe does not support SLI which would restrict you to single nVidia cards.


[am running 1680X1205 NFS Under cover and ma power suply is Gigabyte Odin 720watt
then ma board got 2X PCI-E
2 PCI-E slots does not mean that your board has SLI capability. SLI must be licensed and up until the P55 and X58 chipsets only nVidia chipsets supported SLI. You can run 2 ATI cards in crossfire however you cannot run 2 nVidia cards on your chipset. Your graphics upgrade options are restricted to a single higher level nVidia or ATI card, or 2 mid level ATI cards, 2 4850 will cost the same as a 4890 but perform slightly better.


Helped alot thanks I will never forget You let me know the secret of ma board which I wasn't aware of since I got this Board
I wouldn't spend money on another one of those. The architecture with the "8800" series with that 256bit memory inter face isn't worth a hoot and gains in SLI wouldn't be as grand as you think. Get a GTX260 or something newer from either camp.... 260/275/4890, etc.

There's also not enough video memory on the card ( 512 ). Get something with 1gig, regardless of what resolution you play at.


Apr 27, 2008
I would advice getting a 5700's series that is coming out tommorow that will beat the performance and have D11 support for future games wich will price 5770 $150 and 5750 512mb and 1024mb $109/$129 respectivly