SLI w/ Non-SLI Power Supply


Aug 31, 2011
Is it possible to run SLI on a non SLi ready PSU? I have a 560ti and would like to run SLI. I'm running a CM GX650w psu, atm.

If not, what's a good wattage to get to be on the safe side?
The GX650 is, at best, a mediocre power supply with just 2 PCIe power connectors and a single 12 volt 52 amp output:

A pair of GTX650Ti's needs about 27 - 30 amps. Figure another 10 - 12 amps for an OC'd CPU. Figure another 100 watts or so for motherboard, RAM, drives, and fans and I estimate that you will be running the PSU at around 85% load.

You could do it using adapters for the other two PCI connectors, but I would not recommend it. I would suggest a better quality 750 - 800 watt unit.