May 15, 2008
Hey everyone,
After my last thread I have determined that it is time to upgrade. My goals for this upgrade is very smooth gaming for the next few years(2-3). I want to go i7 and get a 2nd GTX 275 in SLI.
I have heard that the i7 920 is amazing in terms of value, especially if you know how to overclock. I dont but I plan on learning.

So I want the i7 920.
What Mobo?? I heard the EVGA 3 way sli board is good. I dont plan on doing triple SLI but its only 250 on amazon.
Or my friend has and recommends the MSI x58 Platinum. Any input??
Also, what kind of RAM should I get. I see lots of triple packs. Is the corsair dominators worth the 150 bucks??

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated.


Here are links of what I am looking at on amazon.


Jul 8, 2009
I know we talked about this, but I want to go ahead and reiterate my advice and see what others think as well.

The EVGA x58 board is not for you if you don't want 3x SLi. Even if you do, you lose access to all of your pci slots, meaning your creative x-fi card can't be used. Performance-wise, the EVGA and MSI boards should theoretically be identical, since they both use the same intel chipset.

One thing I do truly love about the MSI board is the overclock DIP switch - you can flip one switch and change your CPU frequency. Another great feature of the x58 boards is the clear CMOS button on the back - just be careful not to hit it unintentionally.

As for the ram, I can honestly say I've never seen any change in performance as a result of faster ram. Most programs are bottlenecked by the hard drive, which is of course the slowest part of the computer. You'd save a lot of money going with the OCZ.

The x58 is very noob friendly for overclocking, and its hardware protection is pretty good. While making a custom voltage mod in my computer, I accidentally hit the power button and powered the computer with multiple connections shorted (yeah, I know, I should have unplugged it). At that point, I thought I had killed everything in my computer; turns out the board protected itself and shut off. That was incredible. The overclocking protection and recovery is great too. Sometimes you get stuck in that annoying reboot loop, but it usually fixes itself on the 4th boot.