Question Slight white noise coming from new audio card

Jun 26, 2019
Hi, i have a desktop computer, and last week i damaged the integrated audio card sadly. I bought a new PCI-e audio card on amazon, specifically this one: It has a great sound but the only fault i have with it, is the fact that it has a slightly higher background noise coming from the output comparing it with the level of noise the integrated realtek had. It's excessively annoying but i'm not happy with it either.

You might say that i should buy one better from Sound Blaster or Asus, but they are not compatible with Windows XP, and i need that compatibility for dual booting when i want to run imcompatible software with windows 7. And anyways, asus/sound blaster cards wouldn't fit on my motherboard because the ones they are selling are a bit longer, and there's a chipset heatsink right to the PCIe slot. USB sound cards are to me inconvenient, because i usually run out of ports even without one.

I've been investigating about it, and some say to ground the card, but i don't know where should i metal contact to do it. i've also found some "audio isolators" on amazon: and are supposed to remove noise, but i don't really know if this one would work for me, or it will just be 10 bucks to the trash. Anyone have tried an audio isolator? it is a good option? any idea on what should i do? I also investigated about replacing the ACL887 chip but i need a heatgun and i don't have it. only a classic soldering iron.

thanks in advance for your help.