Slightly better replacement for ATI HD5770


Mar 1, 2018
Hello everyone,

I have this pc for almost 10 years, and it ran with an ATI HD 5770 MSI variant since. Recently that graphic card stopped working and I started to look for a replacement, and that's where I would appreciate some help.

I intend to just replace the graphics card in order to keep this as my Windows 7 machine, because I'm aiming, when I'm able to, at building a new desktop from scratch to have as my main pc.

I would like to however find a slightly better replacement for the HD5770 since I have to replace it anyway, but not by too much, as the prices in my country's used marketplace start hiking a lot from the HD6xxx series forwards. As for Nvidia GeForce I'm also open to suggestions, so I can run the options you provide through the marketplace prices.

So could you please advise me the best models around / beyond the HD5770?

Thank you so much for all replies