[SOLVED] Slime stuck in Laptop Air Vents

Feb 8, 2019
Hi. I've encountered a problem with my laptop. It shuts down automatically without warning, and has recently become slow.It also has been getting a BSOD "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" every few months or so. I suspect that the fan is the problem because about a month ago, i accidentally put my laptop on the table with exposed slime on the surface. it blocked all the vent with intake and outtake air vents. I removed the cover and successfully got the slime out by lightly yanking the plastic
with a small screwdriver where the air passed through from the fan. However, I could not remove the slime from the cover. It was so hard it felt like potato chips. Any tips on how I could get rid of the slime? I'm 10 years old so because try to simplify your answer with as less wacky abbreviations.

Tech Specs
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.2Ghz

RAM: 8 Gigs

Laptop: Lenovo Yoga 3

Acquired : Raffle in Japan

HDD : 500 GB

any answer would be helpful, thanks!