Slot 1 / Socket 370 Adapters


Apr 1, 2005
I was planning on installing a PIII 933MHz SL52Q into a SOYO SY-6VBA133 by using a Slot 1 to Socket 370 adapter. However, this document ( from Intel seems to suggest the SY-370 I already have available to me would be unsuited to the task. I know there are many generic adapters for a few bucks on ebay, but I would have similar concerns about their working in this instance. Are these concerns justified? If so, which adapter would be the best to buy, if not one listed in the provided link?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Former Staff
There are 3 basic kinds of Slot to Socket adapters:
1.) The early kind that ONLY supports OLD (Mendicino core) Celerons
2.) The middle kind that supports Coppermines
3.) The new ones that support Coppermines and Tualatins.

If your adapter doesn't have any jumpers, it's probably a Celeron type. If it has jumpers that allow you to change from Celeron to PIII/Coppermine compatability, it's fine.

If you need a new adapter, you might consider the Upgradeware Slot-T, which supports both Coppermines and Tualatins (up to 1.4GHz), plus adds voltage adjustment jumpers and bus speed detection jumpers.

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