Hey guys.

I feel like im not getting the speeds i should be with adsl 2+
here is the image provided from speed test.


I'm roughly 3kms from the exchange, i have tried different modems, phone lines and cables and have made sure the settings are right on my modems and on my iinet account.
the only other option i can do is to get an iinet tech out to check for faults in the line but if he finds nothing is wrong then i have to pay a call out of $150.

I just need opinions haha

Thanks guys! :)



up to 24mbps.
thing is i have mates on the same internet plan that live same distance if not further from the exchange and they are getting more than double my speeds...


Dec 20, 2012
well that could look very normal depending on what speed you are paying for. ADSL/ADSL2/ADSL2+ typically takes a profile from the DSLAM you are connected to. So for instance, if all they have you set for is a 5mbps down/1mbps up profile those speeds are pretty close. Best bet... I would call your ISP and find out exactly what speeds you are paying for. An ADSL2/ADSL2+ modem can do up to 24mbps sure, but if you are not paying for that service, most won't give you the profile information coding in the DSLAM to achieve that.

Depending on modem, most should show you the sync rate inside the modem... I could give you an idea what to look at but need the make and model to have an idea as to what to look at.


Thank you for your help guys!

I am paying for adsl 2+ speeds I have spoke to my ISP before and they said its most likely a fault in the wiring but i am just worried i will have to pay $150

I think im going to have to just get them to come out and test the wiring because i cant think of anything else.
Its either i risk that and pay $150 if there is no problem, or i can leave it and be left wondering if i am not getting the speeds i should be.

I think ill call someone out next year :)

thanks again!