Question Slow boot in a new PC with Windows 10 in a SSD and a HDD for files

Dec 23, 2019

I recently (1-2 weeks ago) mounted a completly new PC and fully installed Windows 10 in a SSD, the firsts 2 days the PC booted almost instantly, in 10 seconds could pass from totally off to the locking screen of Windows. After that I started to install some games in the SSD (aprox 40 GB) and others in the HDD (aprox 150 GB). Now the boot time is significantly slower almost 1 minute. I think the problem comes from the HDD because when I turn on the PC starts normally and then a black screen is displayed until some characteristic sounds start coming from the HDD, after that the Locking screen is displayed and the PC works nice.
(CASE 2): Other times when I boot it arrives to the Locking screen very fast but when I log in Windows I see in my desktop all the shortcuts of the programs that installed in the HDD with a white icon and the programs installed in the SSD with their normal icons, when that happens I can only move my mouse until the sounds starts happening and then everything works fine.

It only happens when the PC has been turned off for more than 1 - 2 minutes, if I reboot or turn off and boot again in less than that time the PC boots like the first day. I've checked that the SSD has the pritority in the boot order and I don't know what is happening.
Any idea is apreciated and don't hesitate to ask anything you need.


Now I'm 100% sure that the problem is coming from the HDD because I've unplugged it and booted only with the SDD and the boot was fast as should be, it's like the SDD is waiting to the HDD to wake up so it can start.

SSD: Crucial BX500 240 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive
HDD: Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive
SOUNDS (recorded very close to the PC):
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