Mar 6, 2004
:( When I boot up my computer it takes about 3 to 4 minutes to start up my Windows XP Home Edition with SP2. Why is it taking the computer SOOOOOO long to get to my Windows logon screen? :?: I have 1 g-bytes memory and am running a 1.8 AMD CPU. Can anyone Suggest anything that might get my boot process to speed up?? :? Thanks, sedhook1


Apr 13, 2006
Sounds like its time for a reformat. There are a lot of things that cause startup to slow down, but the biggest thing is usually that xp gets bloated over time. Doing a reformat is the best way to fix this.

There are a lot of little things you can do to speed up the boot time, but if its taking 3-4 minutes, I don't think much besides a reformat will be able to fix it. A few things that affect the boot time. You can turn off floppy seek in the bios. The ati control panel is supposed to add about 10 seconds to boot time. You can also tweak some bios options. Download a progam called "ccleaner", it will clean a lot of crap from your system, and the program is very clean and doesn't carry any spyware. I believe toms did an article on how to configure all the little bios options to speed stuff up. Realistically, all those little things will take a 30 second boot time down to 20, but anything like 4 minutes I would recommend reformatting. I usually end up doing it about every 6 months.


If reformatting is not a viable option for you right now, take a look at how many start up programs you have. When the computer is completly booted look down by the clock and see how many icons you have. Check each one and if you really dont need it then right click on the icon and see if there is an options or settings selection. Look in there and disable run when windows starts. Also check in msconfig - start -> run -> type "msconfig" and hit enter. Look in the startup tab and unceck everything and see if it helps. If the computer boots faster then add back in the ones you really need like anti-virus and leave the others unchecked. This can really help boot times.
One other thing to check is if you are on a network and have any mapped drives. When windows loads it looks for and tries to connect to these drives for awhile before it times out. This can really slow things down.
If all else fails then a reformat is pretty much all thats left.

I have an XP install that has been running since March of 2004 with no problems. Boot times are still about the same as they were. I do regular cleaning of it and really watch what I install and what the installs try to install. My wife uses this for her work computer so it cant be messed up or reformated.

Good Luck! :D