Slow CPU or Bad Motherboard or Bad HDD???

Vandeta V1

Mar 11, 2011
Hello there people... I have a problem and i don't know what to do apart from ask you guys. Basically i have a problem with my PC every time i boot my PC fresh. By fresh i mean the PC has been off for a while (overnight) when i boot the PC in the morning i get a really slow boot and also just playing a song or opening a file could make the clu go to at least 50 sometimes if i were to play a song it would play a really weired sound like a crashing then it will go away I thought it was the CPU at first but i just bought it and here is the main problem when i restart my PC it will go fast but right before i restarted the pc it went slow so every time i want to have full performance out of my pc i will have to reboot it just as it has turned on for the first time. So this is where i thought that it could not be the CPU here is a picture of why i also though it might be the HDD



Feb 28, 2011
Yeah, it for sure sounds like a HDD issue. Do you hear any sounds from the disk drive similar to a golf ball dropping on pavement? If so, you're looking at a hard drive that's on it's way out.

The reason why it makes sense is that when you just hibernate your computer you run some things from RAM, and not your HDD.