Question Slow Disk Access on Windows 10


Feb 14, 2015
I'm a Win 7 user, so Win 10 is all new to me. I've been upgrading a laptop for a friend and they use Windows 10. What I noticed is the HDD access is really slow.

Here are some info:
It is a HP Envy 15 with an i7 core. Rather new laptop.
It has 16 GB of RAM.
5400 RPM HDD 1TB with 800GB free on ACHI or RAID (default HP setting).
It is set to automatically defrag the HDD.
It has a 256GB NVMe SSD I recently installed.

My apologies I don't have regular access to the laptop so I haven't done a full Crystalmark test. However, I installed a cache software, it stores bits and pieces of most commonly used programs in the RAM. When it reads a program, it is a combination of reading the actual file off the HDD + the cached pieces in the RAM.

In my Windows 7, my 7200 rpm HDD regular transfer is 100mb/s. This 5400 rpm HDD only gets 40-50 mb/s. That seems rather excessive difference between the 2. In cached reading, I get around 500mb/s combination of RAM + the HDD. In the Window 10, I only got 80-90mb/s.

Here's the thing, I originally had the same problem on a different Win 7, also on a 5400 rpm HDD. The problem turned out to be the anti-virus auto-protect, which scans every file the system accessed. Excluding the cache program in the antivirus worked.

In this Win 10, there are no autoprotect running, just manual scanning. Even so, I set the program in the Windows Security Essentials exclusion but the test is showing the same result. I'm wondering what else is going on in Windows 10 which is scanning and limiting disc access?

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