Slow download on TP-LINK AC1300 and NETGEAR C7000.


Jan 19, 2018
In pretense, i have a netgear c7000 router, with a 5g 500 up 100 down plan on cox.

So in December, i was using an edimax ew-7811un network adapters, getting 35 up, 25 down (expected rate) And for christmas I got given a tp-link ac1300 pcie wifi card. Now, I thought, since its both an ac card, and supports 5g, I would at least get 100 up and 40 down. This was not the case.

I got 42 down 31 up on 2.4g, and 43 down 31 up on 5g.

On my Samsung galaxy s7 snapdragon (on Verizon; yes the speeds are the same with lte off.) I get 79 up 31 down on 2.4g, and 220 up and 33 down on 5g.

I measured the distance, i am 15 feet away from the router, with one wall in between the PC and the router.

The tests were recorded from the exact same spot with nothing running except speedtest.


That actually is not surprising for 5GHz, any matter including just air rapidly attenuates the signal and a wall is significant. I've seen cases where 10 feet away there was no 5GHz signal detectable due to window tinting that contained a very small amount of metal. It really depends on composition and placement -- and remember that your computer or furniture may also be in the way.

The 2.4GHz signal will be much less attenuated by matter as it has a longer wavelength. You can try to use the lower 5GHz channels and may have more luck as they penetrate slightly better.

Don't rely on speedtest for your placement issue as many factors affect the result. Download a wifi analyzer app on your phone and move around, like in front and behind the wall and around your room to see if there is a good spot for the signal. That app will give you signal channel and strength.