Question Slow hard drives

Nov 26, 2018
I am attaching the screenshot of Crystal Disk. After a slow boot up it takes 10 minutes to start using computer and still it suck. What is the problem?

if there are any programs that can repair bad sectors they would just be used as a last resort to try to get data off a failing drive. if you have any vital data on that drive now is the time to get it off cause odds are that drive is going to fail pretty soon
Yes, there should be a manufacturer utility that will re-initialize the drive and reallocate weak sectors to spares.
This would be a destructive process.
Not nice.

I might suggest that it is time to upgrade to a ssd.
$80 buys you a 500gb Samsung EVO
Use the free Samsung ssd migration aid to move your C drive to the ssd and boot.
You will be amazed at the performance increase, not only in booting, but in everything you do.

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