Question Slow internet when uploading ?


Dec 17, 2019
Hello! I have a question regarding internet speeds. My internet speed is around 500-600 mbit/s while tested with an application from Microsoft Store but only 100 mbit/s in browser. The problem that I have is that when I try to upload a video on youtube, the internet browser almost crashes and nothing can load. Do you have any solution for these problems? Thank you!
What numbers do you get from speedtest. What is your upload speed, that number is the one that matters when you upload stuff.

Speedtest is just a file download and upload that is not saved. Since it uses the browser it "should" have similar numbers to all other browser based stuff.

The problem with any testing is the server has a large impact on the results. You can see this by changing the speedtest server you are connecting to.

If you can get good test numbers from speedtest your network is likely ok. I would try other browsers and see if they are different. I do not know if youtube is a simple file upload or if there is some kind of video translation being done. Any form of video processing can be very cpu intensive.
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