Question Slow loading times! Need major help


Feb 22, 2016
Hey guys, lately ive been having huge issues with the loading of websites etc while speedtest saying my internet is fine! Im getting around 800 down 500 up and 10 ms. Ive done ping test in the CMD and im getting zero packet loss from any website that i try. Ive changed DNS servers multiple times on my computer itself and through my router as well. I downloaded malwarebytes to make sure i had no sort of virus etc as well that could be slowing down my speeds and so far NOTHING has worked??? im at a loss at this point. Im able to play online games just fine as well with very low ms(around 20 ms) so im confused why my load times are so bad? it takes sometimes multiple minutes to load even youtube! any help would be greatly appreciated! to add to this ive also tried firefox and the issue still exist. To add even more to this ive reinstalled browsers as well as disabled any extentions. Issue still exist.
So I would first try to disable IPv6. Web pages might be using a mix of IPv4 and IPv6 so you get kinda random results. IPv6 for whatever reason has poor performance for some people.

What this sound like is DNS but you have already tried that. The new thing that mess this up is many browsers now have a option to set the DNS in the browser itself. This is mostly used for encrypted DNS. I would check to see if that option is set maybe it is using a slow DNS.
You could also set this option if it is not set. I would use and use the encrypted DNS option. This will prevent any device like your router or maybe your ISP from hijacking the DNS queries even when you attempt to use a different DNS server.