Question Slow pc when open league of legends

Oct 19, 2020
I have a question i hope you can help me with.
My setup is
Intel i7-7700
Rog strix b250 Gaming
Msi rtx 3070
Hyper x 32 GB

I have a problem that i can't seem to make sense of..

Yesterday i started my day by gaming wow for like 10 hours and all was fine.
I was going to go play i little league of legends when <Mod Edit> started to go down xD
I launched the lol launcher and the launcher went like really slow and buggy . Took about 10 min to load when it usually takes about 30 sec max.

When this load started my hole pc went in slow motion.
Like when I tried to open windows options it took 30 sec until it actually showed. Same with chrome. And everything else.
When i exited the client everything went back to normal..
I tried to uninstall lol and install it again with the same result.
I trued updating windows and graphics drivers to no help.
I did a memory check with was fine.

The kicker is the first time i sat 30 min and finally got into a game i had like 10-30 fps laggy <Mod Edit> hell.
2-3 min went by and pc goes dark screen and shutdown

I turn computer back on and it's fine. I start lol launcher and again everything went slow. Here's the real kicker.
I exited the launcher but it had reconnect me to the lol game i was in, i got into the game and everything in the game is fine. 200+fps smooth ass heck.
When I get out of the game i have to open the launcher again because i exited before i got into the game. And again everything is slow and launcher is buggy ass hell.

Anyone have some tips to this??
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