Aug 7, 2021
Hello there !

I have an issue with my pc, whenever i'm downloading or installing/unpacking something the disk usage goes to 100% , ok it's normal since it's being used, but my pc becomes completely unusable and i have some programs like steam that crashes literally. i have no issue playing games at even max graphics but when the disk usage goes to 100% i just can't even move the mouse.
On the task manager the process that takes the most (or all) the disk is ofc the one downloading/install (like steam) with "System" sometimes peaking a little bit.

found this post and tried to do what's on it :
I also did all the usual fixes that we can find by googling it like stopping the superfetch or windows search, i completely disabled windows defender but still no use.

I downloaded samsung magician and did a benchmark and the result was 4200mb/s on reading and writing on sequantial.
The diagnostic scan came clean.

My config is CPU ryzen 2700x
16g ram
MB msi tomahawk b450
rtx 2080
Disk Samsung SSD 860 QVO 1TB

Thanks in advance for any help.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

What BIOS version are you on for your motherboard? Which slot are you populating with the SSD? Speaking of slots, do you have any other storage drives on your platform? Make and model of your PSU and it's age? What OS version are you on? Use Samsung's Magician App to see if your SSD is pending any firmware updates. FYI, the QVO is meant as a storage pedigree SSD, not for daily use case scenario's, where the VO's shine.

Lastly, can you parse an image of the state of the SSD using Disk Manager to see it's drive structure. Host your image on Imgur and then parse the image URL's here.
Aug 7, 2021
Hey ! Thank you both for your answers.
SkyNetRising solution made a big improvement, my pc now is kinda slow but i would understand that since i'm at 100 disk usage, but i still can use it atleast so Thanks !!!

@Lutfij wow like my nick says i'm kinda slow lol so half of your question are just alien language for me haha. for the bios i never did an update, i don't have another storage.
FOR the QVO and VO, do you think i need to take another SSD then ? i use my pc a lot for working and for playing.

Thanks again for the help i think i'll mark it as resolved since i'm able to use my pc now !