Question Slow POST and Red CPU Q-LED flashes three times ?

Jan 27, 2022

I built a new ITX PC based on ROG STRIX Z690-I with 12900K and G.skill DDR5 6000MHz.
Everything works fine ..but i have approx 20sec long POST. (Right after pressing power button).

During Power-On Self Test sequence first the Red Q-LED (CPU) flashes three times for circa 2 seconds, then process continues
by turning on the White LED (VGA) for 3 seconds and at the end of process the Green LED (BOOT) quick flash once.
After finishing POST, PC continues to post screen and booting Windows as normal.

I know Q-LED flashing during POST is normal, but this takes too long. It's suspicious.
Every my previous computers started much faster and post was almost instant.

I can't find anywhere what means 3 red flashes. Do you know what it means?
Everything is brand new, just graphic card is from my previous build which worked properly.
CPU no have bent pins, power and FAN cables is connected properly.
I have same result with booting without GPU or with just one memory module.
XMP 1/2/off, FAST boot on/off or clear CMOS makes no difference.
I also tried to plug in speaker, he beeps once which indicates no problem.

I am running on latest BIOS 1003, it was the same on previous version.

Please how to speed up POST and get rid of those blinking?

My spec:
Here is video demonstration:
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