[SOLVED] Slow rendering in all games

Zaack Plays

Jul 26, 2015
Out of nowhere suddenly my games like GTA V and AC odyssey start rendering everything slowly.

In GTA V all maps and textures load after a while and when you equip a weapon it is invisible at first, tyres on cars are invisible for a while as well, buildings have low texture but then they get better.

In Assasins creed Odyssey similar issues are occurring as in horses and people appear in low texture when you go to a new place and the game freezes after every 2-3 steps to load the terrain which is low quality.
On the other hand i also played a recently installed tom clancy grw but it doesnt have any problems and works smoothly.

I have tried reinstalling graphics driver software and did chkdsk.
i3 3.9 ghz
8 gb ram
5900 rpm 500gb hdd
gtx 960 4 gb

it might be the hdd problem
because in crystal disk info its showing c5 and c6 raw values 6 (it was previously 5)
correct me if im wrong but i think that means 6 corrupt sectors in hdd??!!

any solution will be appreciated. Thanks.