Question Slow speedtest speeds but fast Steam download.


Feb 5, 2013
Like in the title, i'm getting really slow speed test speeds that go from 15 mb/s to sometimes 60mb/s while i have a 250 mb/s connection. These problems started a few days ago and the router shutted down a few times too while i was browsing.

So i got a new router from my ISP and they couldn't find problems on their end..

But when i download a game via Steam it goes max speed! So how is this possible? What is going on?

I'm confused, my ISP is confused too. Help wanted. Can i do some tests?
Many times we get people complaining just the opposite. If it is just the speedtest sites but everything else works fine I would say you are lucky.
First try to force a server change on speedtest sometimes it does not actually choose he best.

Maybe try another browser since speedtest is dependent on the browser. There are many other speedtesting sites, been so long since I had a issue I forget what they are. This too would eliminate it being software/browser issue.

What speeds do you get if you download a large file from microsoft. You should be able to watch the speed in network tab of the resource monitor.