Slow SSD Speeds


Oct 10, 2011
I have currently just bought the 120gb Kingston Hyperx 3k (SH103S3120G)

I have used this SSD in both different Sata 3 ports where one is using the Intel chipset and the other is using marvell.

This drive is also set in AHCI mode with TRIM enabled.

The problem that i am having is that using the ATTO benchmark software my Read speeds don't go over 200MB/s and my write speeds don't go over 420MB/s.

I have tried this SSD in both AHCI / IDE on both Intel / Marvell chipsets but still the drive speed is very low.

Anyone got any advice or is this just a faulty drive ?
1) Use the Intel Sata III port, NOT the marvel.
2) Set to AHCI, Once windows is installed switch default msahci driver to the latest Intel RST driver (iaSTor).
Bottom Line:
.. Verify latest Firmware for SSD and latest Bios revision for MB. then
.. Delete all partitions and run Secure erease to clean drive up.
.. Reload windows

NOTE if You keep "reloading Operating system" and Run benchmarks, YOU will get LOW scores. need to do a Secure erease, Then load OS.
Benchmark utility is great to run right after OS instal just to verify it is working. But it is not advisable to run multiple passes with giving SSD time to recover.

For benchmark use AS SSD - YOU will NOT get advertised ATTO specs. But look for a review that shows Benchmark results using AS SSD. It will show which driver is being used and if the Partitions are properly aligned.

ATTO (A HDD benchmark utility) may show GREAT "irrelavent " High performance (Uses Highly compressable data) Scores, But AS SSD (Also not perfect) gives results that are closer to real life.

On Trim, you can check to verify that it is enabled - But there is no verification that it was passed and acted on - Other than do a bunch of deletes then reverify performance.