Slow transfer speeds in local network


Feb 1, 2012
Hi All,

I have 4 systems in my network
1)Amd Phenom based HTPC- wired LAN- win764bit ultimate
2)Laptop-Wired LAN/Wireless -win764bit home basic
3)Work Laptop-Wired LAN/Wireless win764bit ultimate
4)Atom based storage server-Wireless only win7 32bit ultimate

The issue I am facing is really really slow data transfer speeds from one system to another 100-200Kbps!!
whereas my download speeds are in upwards of 500 kbps with a 4Mbps connection.
All the systems run various versions of windows 7 and are part of the same homegroup.

the Wireless router I use is this

And also have Kaspersky internet security 2012 on all the systems, with the firewall set to recognize my home network as a trusted network.

I have tried everything to sort this out and to no avail

the IT guy at work wants me to buy a domain and create active directories and stuff , which I am not really keen on doing .

request all the net heads here to help me