SLOW Upload/Download speed only effecting one PC in my network? (wired connection)

Sep 29, 2018
I have an MSI z370 SLI Plus motherboard with a built-in network card. (let me know if you need any more specs)

Before the issue occurred:
I was going to set up wifi on the PC using a USB wifi adapter, so I installed the software that came in the cd that was in the box and was connected to the internet via wifi. I returned it the next day because I enjoyed my connection speeds over a wired connection more.

When the issue occurred:
The next day I was using my PC with a wired connection and noticed my download speeds were extremely slow (about 40 times slower than the day before on the same wired connection).

Additional Info:
I tested the ethernet cable that I was using on my pc with my MacBook Pro in the same room and get 200+ Mbps download speed and upload speeds 20 or higher.
My pc is currently stuck at around 10-30mbps download and .5mbps upoad speed, which makes my computer pretty useless for work. Optimally, I would like for my computer to be up to the speed it was before I used the wireless USB adapter for a day.

I am unsure if this is a driver issue, ISP issue (I've called Verizon and they say its a PC issue), a virus or malware, or some other type of issue. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

Please share your suggestions for fixing this issue, thanks!
Oct 1, 2018
It's probably a driver issue, it could be incompatible with the system, or outdated, you could look for a more current diver in the manufacturer's page


Jul 18, 2017
I would make sure you removed the old software from the wifi adatper. Also run CCleaner and its registrys scans to make sure nothing was left behind. Aside from that, try the following.

1. Try updating NIC drivers
2. Try downloading Glasswire to see if any programs are eating up your bandwidth from that PC
3. Test PC Ethernet cables
4. Tests switch port that your PC is connected too
5. Last case, try to purchase a 3rd party Intel NIC.