Slowdown after upgrade


Jun 22, 2009
Hi guys.

I'm new to this forum but I hope this is the right place for this topic

I have searched through this forum, but have not found a simmilar thread.

I have just upgraded from an Asus P5Q/Intel C2D E8400/Kingston 4GB 800Mhz hyperx DDR2 based system to a Gigabyte MA790XT-UD4P/AMD Phenom II 955/A-Data Extreme 4Gb 1333+Mhz DDR3

Both systems had these components in common

- Windows 7 RC
- Antec Three hundred
- LC power 6550GP2 550W V2.v Silent Giant
- 1x Sapphire Radeon 4850 DDR3 512 M / Catalyst 9.6

After installing drivers and updating the MB BIOS so that the Phenom II got above 1.6 Ghz, I ran some enchmarks to see if the new system was faster. I installed Crysis to see if it performed better than on my former Core2Duo where it was totally playable on very high settings 1680*1050. But the gameplay was slower, choppier and hardly playable with the same settings. It's even slow with High or Medium details and it has a constant stutter every 10 seconds of play. The task mannager shows high spikes of usage on all four CPU cores and the GPU shows 99% usage and the thing still runs terrible, whereas the intel managed to do better with 2 cores, and same GPU usage. I have reinstaled everything and even tried AMD fusion which just made it worse (one CPU core active and GPU limited to 80% - weird)

I'm sorry for this long post but i tried to give all details (hope i have)

If anyone has any ideas/sugestions please let me know.

Thanx in advence

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May 29, 2009

Maybe that 1.6ghz is slowing your computer down. Normally, that processor runs at 3.2ghz so your running it at half the rated clockspeed


Jun 22, 2009
Thank you for all your feedback, It really helped.

I read somwhere that if you disabled/enable Hyper Threading on an Intel processor that has this option, you would have to reinstall the whole system. A simple restart would not do the trick and Windows would report errors.

So here I have the same OS (not reinstalled) and a different platform/processor architecture.

I am doing a fresh install (from total format) of the system as we will post my results.

Thanks again for your posts.

P.S. found many solutions on this forum as a reader and now I hope I will be able to provide some as a member.

Gotta go with zipzoomfly on this one, for gaming you didn't do much of an upgrade.
Both systems should perform about identical gaming, providing you get everything reinstalled for the new Phenom build and get it up to speed.
You would have done much better by simply buying a faster GPU, a good fan/heatsink, and overclocking your Core 2 a little.
Much better.
Now the quad should show an improvement when you run 3Dmark06, as it tends ot lean pretty heavy on CPU performance, and more cores will make the numbers look better. But in real life, hate to tell you this, ain't going to be much difference.
If, however you run something like Flight Simulator, that can make use of all 4 cores, you should see some improvement over the Core 2.

Oh, and welcome to the forums!