Small Business LAN set uo


Oct 24, 2012

I wanted to see if you can help me put with a normal setup for a small business "grocery store". I have a Arris CM820A cable modem, linksys wrvs4400n router and a 16 port Linksys SD216 switch. I want to upgrade the router and switch, what are some of your recommendations for something better out there. I'm having problems with some computers that are really slow loading web pages so thats the reason I want to do a whole upgrade.
That is still a fairly nice router I would not replace it. Try to upgrade the firmware to the latest revision, there have been a couple bugs that slow the router down after it has been active for a time. The switch is also unlikely your issue but 16 port 10/100/1000 device are about $100 so it is not too expensive to replace.

Still you should not have issues. I would first try running with the machines one at a time and see how the performance is. You could have a machine generating garbage traffic due to virus or other software installed.

If you find machines that run slow with nobody else on you could suspect a virus or something like the port going into half duplex. Unfortunately there is no way to tell the duplex your switch negotiated the connection, this tends to be rare now days.

Now if it only happens when you have a number of machine active you could just be out of bandwidth from your ISP.