Question small buzzing noise coming from headphones when plugged into "line in"

Aug 29, 2020
ever since i made my new PC and upgraded to windows 10 I've had only one issue, when my headphones are plugged into the "line in" port on the back IO and set to headphones there is a loud noise that never stops. it is not as loud when i set it to speakers. and it doesn't change depending on the volume i have it set at.

Ive tried updating my drivers, all the basic changing of headphones to see if it is a problem with the headphones.

i know for a fact that it worked perfectly fine with windows 7 and my old motherboard.

motherboard: B450 aorus m
cpu: AMD ryzen 5 3600
gpu: 8gb radeon rx 580
ram: 2 8gb DDR4 vengeance LPX
Sep 8, 2020
I'm having a similar issue right now with another gigabyte board. Personally I did everything I could and nothing changed so I'm going to RMA my board.
My support agent recommended these two steps as a last resort:

Please try updating the chipset driver and BIOS to version F51, checking for the issue after each step.

Please also make sure that you have proper grounding for the motherboard and the entire tower.