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Question Small delays after playing for a while

Apr 16, 2020
I have been playing the past few days and have noticed that after like 30 mins - 3 hours of playing I have found a small delay which makes the game very strange to play. My gpu and cpu degrees "celcius" have stayed around 50-65. Could anyone tell me how I could fix that problem. The only fix I have is restarting my pc and it's normal again.
I play some games on 1920x1080 , but specifically on Rust I play on 1100x1024 . It mostly happens on CSGO , Rust , Minecraft and I think Fortnite "I haven't played it for a while" I have a GTX Titan , i7-3960x overclocked "a bit" to 4.1 GHZ , P9X79 Motherboard , Revolution 87 750w 80+ Gold Power Supply , 4 Case Fans , 2 Radiator Coolers "Corsair" (Can't remember the name of it) and a Water Cooler for mCorsair "Can't remember the name aswell" Oh and I have 16gb of ram I think it's 4x 4gb RAM from Corsair can't rememebr the name either. All my Cpu MHZ speeds stay at 4100 even at idle. The delay is strange to play because when I look one way , it takes like 0.2-0.4 seconds for it to actually look that way. The idle temps usually are from 40-60 degrees celsius. My AIO pump is fairly new since I've had a problem with my idle temps being too high on idle "Replaced my old AIO" (It's fixed now).