Question small ping spikes

Jun 15, 2019
I play CS:GO competitively and I have small ping spikes on my net graph they are real small ranging from my ping jumping up by 4 or sometimes even 1, but It's enough to where I teleport in game for my friends playing with me. Also whenever I'm shooting and it happens the bullets become ghost bullets and do no damage at all and it gets me killed and it's very frustrating. I've searched for ages trying to find a fix. I had something that was a command in my cmd prompt that helped for a while but even with it on, I still have the same issue. I look in the console of the game after it happens and it doesn't say anything, also when it happens if I pull out another weapon and it spikes it pulls my previous weapon out and makes me switch again. It happens once every 4-5 seconds or so. I am on wireless using 2.4 instead of 5.0 for better connection since I don't have ethernet. Also my specs are 1060 3gb i7 7700 16 gb ram.
When you play on wifi you have to accept the random lag spikes. It is just a fundamental thing with how wifi works and the need for online games to have consistent latency. Wifi does re transmission to solve damaged data this causes random latency.

For pretty much anything else wifi causes no issues it is this one narrow case and is why you see everyone say never play online games on wifi. This issue can not be fixed.

Still if you are only seeing 4ms of ping increase it is not the cause of your issues. Because of the way delay is calculated you can not even be sure it is real and not a error in the methods.

BUT you very well could be getting wifi spikes you do not see.|

Your first test is always to use ethernet. You in many ways hope you still see the problem because then it is something other than the wifi and it maybe fixable. If it is wifi there is nothing you can do about it.