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Jan 10, 2013
So, I'm playing my video games with nothing open and everything is GREAT. But, when I go to stream, or even just had OBS open, have a youtube video open or a twitch video I get this weird lag/stutter - for example when I move my camera across my screen in DotA 2 it's smooth... But when I have youtube video's go onto another video and load up at the end of a video it will lag my enitre game out. When I have twitch on it will lag and stutter my screen... By the way I just upgraded my CPU and GPU and I used to do this ALL the time on my old specs and I have never had this before? Any ideas? Got game bar ect turned off, got power mode performance enabled, got my GPU using it's GPU core. I am at a loss. Googled it and done everything on the first page to no avail. Will post a video here to kinda show you what I mean.

View: https://youtu.be/8RSgR5E0k2s

When I'm not watching video's it's perfectly fine, but on my old rig Ryzen 7- 1700 and GTX 970 it was fine, this wouldn't happen? All my drivers are up to date also. This also isn't specifc to just DotA 2 it does it with other games too. Destiny, Apex, Metro. They all lag as if something is constantly loading in the background but again, never happened until I upgraded.

edit: fixed the stuttering on dota by changing the rendering api to vulkan instead of DX 11. Will test other games.
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