Question small water droplets on tempered glass

Feb 16, 2020
i just noticed there was tiny barely visible water droplets have formed in a very small section of my tempered glass (close to one of the aio tubes) i wiped them off and they seemed to smear like cooling fluid. should i be fine leaving it in until a replacement arrives or should i take it out now?


Water would be one thing, could have been odd condensation and something to watch.
Since you said it smears like coolant, I would absolutely take that cooler out as soon as possible.

Its not likely to catastrophically fail in the near future, its probably going to be a slow death, but would you really want to run an AIO that you know is failing?


Contributing Writer
Sounds like you might have a leak or there is something else failing. AIOs should not have this issue and unless your PC is near a very steamy shower or around anything else that could have deposited this moisture, chances are that you have a problem.

I agree with Gam3r01 here...sounds like the AIO is failing in some manner. Your best choices involve replacement:

1) Return to the place of purchase, provided you still have the receipt and you qualify for the return policy.

2) RMA the cooler to the manufacturer assuming it is within the warranty period and you still have the original purchase receipt. Make sure you read the warranty requirements carefully; some require you have registered the product within 30 days of original purchase to qualify, or possibly some other requirements. That being said, some companies might be easier to get replacements from, others might not.

3) Get a different cooler and use it instead. This is likely going to be the outcome of either 1) or 2) anyway, to some degree.