Smallest full 3d (atleast gforce 7xxx range) graphics cards?


Jan 31, 2010
Well ones you can play 3d games with (atleast UT2k4), like the graphics cards in some laptops, that have a PCIe connector.. I bring it up, because it would be possible to build better small PCs, if we had graphic card options.
jd_ is correct, HOWEVER (and this is a big one), small cases are often not great at dealing with a lot of heat. Even with fans, it is very easy for hot spots to develop. Unless it exhausts its heat (like the HIS Black Hole / IceQ Turbo coolers do), I'm not sure I'd put anything that gets hotter than a HD7770 in a small case.
I had a $150 mobo fry a VRM shorted in a small case. It was stock and maybe slightly undervolted, but the HD7870 I had in there produced a lot of heat during games, and one day it simply died. The case was a Lian Li PC-Q08R, which has two fans providing a flow of air through the case, but it was apparently not enough. Lesson learned.