SMART Hard Disk Error

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Aug 26, 2018
Upon booting my HP Pavilion Power 15 laptop today, I got a SMART Hard Disk Error.

It states that the hard disk check has detected an imminent failure. I tried to run both quick and extensive hard disk test like the error told me to, but I either get 'not available' or 'failed' before the test even begins.

Background information:

About three days ago, I got put into System Repair upon booting my laptop. It may or may not have been because of my laptop's environment variables, which I had changed because I was setting up Java for minecraft modding (I followed a reliable video tutorial, but I must have messed up somewhere).

I put the laptop into system reset, but it crashed while resetting and upon rebooting the laptop I got put into a Boot Device Not Found error. I download Windows 10 Installation Media onto my thumbdrive and reinstalled Windows 10 onto my laptop to solve it. It worked fine for two days and I even made two system restore points.

On the third day, windows crashed while i was using my laptop and I got the Boot Device Not Found error again. I attempted a system restore but my laptop crashed in the middle of it, and when I rebooted I got the SMART Hard Disk Error im facing now. I tried a system restore and reinstallation of windows again regardless, but both failed (Both of my restore points disappeared and i couldn't download Windows into the primary drive because of the disk error).

Something worth noting, at one point when rebooting the laptop, the SMART Hard Disk Error was replaced by the Boot Device Not Found error, but it went back to SMART Hard Disk Error upon another reboot.

Other online resources told me that my hard disk was dead, but my laptop is only 4 months old and i had never spilled anything onto my laptop or opened it up, although it is possible that it was just manufactured incorrectly or it was damaged in another sort of way.

Thank you for your time.
Drive is getting ready to fail like it said. Just get your data off of it and get a new hard drive. Contact the manufacturer and RMA or have them replace the hdd
Not open for further replies.