SmartGart Anomalies


Feb 17, 2004
Here's the issue. I've had a 9700Pro in my machine and experienced some problems. First i thought it ws IRQ related since windows ME had 5 devices on the same irq as my vid card. So i updated to Windows Xp and even updated my mobo bios while i was at it. The thing is, no matter what catalyst driver version i use, the display setting tab for Smartgart says fastwirtes are on, but when i go to Program Files-->ATi Technologies-->ATI Control Panel-->SmartGart, it says PCI READ and PCI WRITES are ON, but AGP WRITE is OFF while AGP READ is on. i've also noticed that i'm only getting about 125fps in Quake3 and i'm running a 1.2GHz athlon thunderbird with 384MB DDR pC-1600 ram. Any ideas as to what's causing the problems? If i disable smartgart the display tab and in my mobo bios, my Quake3 framerates drop to about 120 instead of 125. What gives?


Jan 20, 2004
your CPU is lagging behind your card, when you can afford it upgrade your CPU to at least a 2 gig pluss and you will notice a HUGE increase in framerates. But at the moment, your 1.2 is the chokepoint followed by the ram.

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